Return of the Warrior

The bar had a musty foul smell. Why anyone would choose to sit here was beyond her, thought Amera. Walking through this horrible place was not her choice. It was more of a duty-one that the king had essentially commanded. She would not fail, regardless of the stench.

Amera stopped abruptly when she saw him. What a disgusting mess he was, her uncle. His clothes were unkempt and looked to have been worn nonstop for weeks, if not months. He looked dirty, probably contributing to the odor of the place. His stained hands had a slight tremor as they lay near his cold pint. Maybe this was a bad idea, she thought. How could he help me now?

“Are you going to just stare at me awkwardly child, or are you going to have a drink with your uncle?” asked the heap of man in rags.

“I was undecided uncle as I was making sure it was really you,” lied Amera. “You cut your hair.”

It was getting in the way of my drinking,” stated Markor plainly.

“Aye. That’s a good enough reason as any I suppose.”

“Well, pull up a chair my child, and tell me what brings you to the palace city. Though, I have heard the rumors on the street, I’d like to her what my own kin has to say of the matter.”

Amera pulled up a sticky seat and plopped down next to the shell of her uncle. She felt like a child again. But this time, she was not staring at a heroic war legend. This time she was sitting next to a broken warrior who had watched his own wife and son die before him. She had heard the horrible tale how the evil spirit had slowly tortured them in front of Markor’s eyes while IT had him frozen under a spell. Indeed, it was a good enough reason for a man to break. A lessor man would not have survived nor had any sense of reality after. She could see the pain in her uncle’s eyes and understood his need to numb the memory, one that assuredly haunted him daily.

“The king has commanded me to seek out those who IT has affected. I am to try and heal them, if possible,” stated Amera wasting no time getting to the point.

Markor took a long, slow gulp of his pint and stared forward. She remembered how regal he was, the battle-worn Soldier, the warrior of legends. There were portraits of him at the palace even. They crafted him in his prime, stabbing a dark spirit in battle. His face was handsome and fierce. His long golden locks flying in the wind, like a lion. She looked over at him now thinking he could easily go unrecognized now. He just looked like a regular dirty drunk. She knew he was more though, which is why she was here.

“I see. And from your sudden presence, you wish me to help?” He didn’t even turn when he asked. He just kept staring forward, not at the wall but somewhere deep in his mind.

“I can think of no other better qualified uncle. Nor one whom I’d trust more.”

There was a long pause. They both sat in silence…

She knew she was asking a lot. It was a dangerous mission. IT was still out there hurting people. If left unattended, IT could regain power. The king could not risk that. So Amera was to heal while her uncle was to fight. However, his last fight with IT had destroyed him, and here she was, asking him to face IT again. It was a huge request, even from the king.

“We will need help,” he finally stated.

“Yes indeed we will. The king told me he will pay our team: other healers, other warriors.”

“And we will choose our team?”

“Of course. The king expects no less.”

Markor took a deep breath and turned to Amera. “Well. I suppose it’s time child. We can begin in the ‘more. Tonight, we shall celebrate your regal appointment and talk of good days.”



Prompt for Challenge

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.~Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride

  • Word Count of 500. (SUGGESTED)
  • Take your favorite quote from a movie and use it as inspiration for your entry this week. If you want more direction, make it the last sentence in your piece. (REQUIRED)


I used lines from the movie, Georgia Rule. “You cut your hair….It was getting in the way of my drinking.”

When my daughter and I were watching it, those lines took you from a serious moment to funny. We started cracking up laughing and crying at the same time. Brilliant writing. Now, we pull out those lines every now and then as a joke. So, I had to use them.

The story above is a continuation from two other short fiction pieces I wrote. If you want to read those, they can be found at the links below.

First story, Walking Through Death, Finding Hope.

The second story, Saving the Prince.


Falling in Love

We met and life bloomed.

Joy was paused, but now resumed.

You like me for me,

And give me space to fly free.


You wrap me in arms,

With your smooth and gentle charm.

Your gaze penetrates.

My soul fills and celebrates.


Your voice pours like milk.

Soft and comforting as silk.

I melt into you.

My mind blurs on what to do.

Is it too much or enough?

You smile at my no makeup.


Together we merge

Our bodies, minds, hearts and souls

Entangled in love


Prompt words: milk and smooth

This week I did Ronovan’s new form, a Freku. 


Fellow Bloggers Publish Book

What do you get when you mix a handsome virile sailor with the seductively beautiful wife of an admiral? You get an intense barroom brawl that ends in murder, and that’s only the first chapter! What happens in the second chapter? I can’t say. Well, not yet.

That’s because the book, Amber Wake-Gabriel Falling, just came out yesterday. The interesting thing about the book, well outside of the sex, lies and murder, is that it was written by fellow bloggers, P.S. Bartlett and Ronovan Hester.

One of my blog ideas for this year was to expand into doing interviews. And with the publishing of a new book, I knew I needed to start with Ronovan. As a fairly new blogger, I stumbled upon Ronovan’s blog in late 2014. For over 82 weeks now, he has been hosting a weekly Haiku Challenge. I can’t say I had really written many haikus before, and if I had, I certainly didn’t remember them. So, I gave it a try and got hooked and tend to write them every week (my Monday posts typically).

Over time, I started to notice Ronovan did so much more than poems though. He graciously puts out writing and blogging tips. He regularly interviews other bloggers and authors. He started another challenge that is more a movement for positivity and encouragement called BeWow. He even recently kicked off a weekly fiction challenge, Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes. Needless to say, his blog has a plethera of options to entertain you. But incase you need more, Ronovan co-authored a book in his spare time that promises definite page-turning suspense.

To find out more about this blogging powerhouse and exciting new book, I’ll let you hear it directly from the source. Below, Ronovan explains it all by answering my questions. Trust me, you’ll enjoy the read…

What is your book about?

Amber Wake-Gabriel Falling is a historical adventure set in 1705-06 and is about a man named Gabriel Wallace, a Royal Navy Captain, court-martialed for being in the wrong place at the right time. He then sets out on a mission to correct a great many wrongs that takes him to the Boston and the Caribbean. It’s not your typical sea adventure/pirate book. Wallace has one set of ships he’s after and a good reason why. You have to read to the end to find out all the reasons behind that why.

What made you start writing it? 

PS Bartlett and I talked a lot after first getting to know each other through her novel The Blue Diamond-The Razor’s Edge. The main topic on this particular day of discussion happened to be her book and how there needed to be a sequel. Our problem was Blue Diamond needed more exposure first.

Blue Diamond is a great book. Being Bartlett’s first venture into this genre, it had not received the love from the book buyers it should have. Not that she was complaining about it. She understands how it all works. She is a multiple award-winning author.

Two things came out of our conversation that day: I suggested Bartlett write prequels about how a woman in very beginning of the 1700s became an accepted pirate captain, and I would write the story of the man that helped her.

Bartlett decided, after encouraging her to do a sequel and tossing ideas around, she wanted another pirate to show up to shake things up for Ivory Shepard and Maddox Carbonale, the main two characters from Blue Diamond. He had to be tall, have red hair, and blue eyes, she has a thing for Vikings.

I thought I might be able to identify with that description. I set off, did my research of pirates of all kinds, took historical facts about various ones, put them together, added my own imaginations to the man, and admittedly put some of myself into him.

I love history, having been a history teacher, and research has always been a lot of fun for me. I combined all my likes and jumped in the deep end, and about five weeks or so later I had the book written and ready for Bartlett to go through to add her style and voice to it, and any plot changes she had in mind that would server her in the future books.

Have you worked with P.S. Bartlett before? If so, on what and when? If not, what made you decide to work with them now?

We worked together when I reviewed and interviewed her for The Blue Diamond. I’d never been interested in pirate novels before, let alone romances. The Blue Diamond was different and I felt at the time it was a series I wouldn’t mind being a part of and with Amber Wake-Gabriel Falling not being a romance, but a pure historical adventure, I couldn’t wait to get the fingers working.

How did you start blogging?

Just over two years ago, I had an accident in my home. I was walking down the hall one moment, and the next thing I remember I’m in the hospital. I don’t remember the walking down the hall part, but that’s where they found me. Migraines have always been a problem of mine and I had a bad one that morning. I fainted or passed out, got dizzy, something happened; hit my head on about three surfaces before hitting the floor. I was somehow able to hit the speed dial on my cell phone that I always carried in my hand and help was on the way.

From that accident, I was no longer able to work, and in my need for an intellectual outlet I ended up blogging. Sometimes it hasn’t been so intelligent, but it’s been fun for the most part.

I see that some authors have blogs and others don’t? As a blogger and author, what advantage does blogging give you?

Any writer these days needs to do his or her own promotion. That is, unless they are already established authors. Even signed to a publishing deal must do promoting to some degree. The biggest promotion one has in selling their book is word of mouth. One friend tells another about your book. That friend enjoys the book and tells another.

Although I never started out blogging to promote anything, I had nothing to promote at the time, I have a small picture of my book cover at the bottom of each of my posts/articles. I haven’t been over the top about promoting the book. I’m excited but I don’t want to use my friendships and trusts I’ve developed like that. Yes, I want my friends to buy the book and maybe make it a bestseller wherever possible, but my main goal is to make my 11-year-old boy proud and he can say his daddy is a bestselling author. If not, then he can say his daddy is a published author.

What is the most interesting thing about blogging?

For me it changes. One week it may be a style of poetry. I hold a weekly Haiku Poetry Challenge, now in existence for over 82 weeks with as many as 70 poets participating, and this past year ,181 poets joined in at one point. I see poetry as being short stories. One saying I have is, I don’t write poetry, I write micro chapters of my autobiography.

At other times, I love helping people with tips and tutorials, giving the teacher in me an outlet. Of course, meeting people from around the world and learning about so many cultures and places. That may be the most interesting. It appeals to the historian, writer, teacher, the eternal student, and the need for human interaction.

What is the most annoying thing about blogging?

After a long time I’ve figured out the only annoying thing about blogging is allowing myself to turn blogging into something I never meant it to be. As soon as I see that happening, and it begins to take up all my time, give me pain, and make me irritable, I take a deep breath, a step back, and chill. Blogging should be fun, no matter what reason you blog, it should be fun.

How do you hope a blog tour will help the promotion of your book?

It’s all about word of mouth. As I mentioned earlier, word of mouth is the way a book sells. You know people I don’t. I’m not James Patterson so I don’t have a TV commercial, not that he needs one. I’m not JK Rowling who, if you think about it, got a huge amount of sells from friends raving to friends, but she also had a publisher and team behind her because they bought her story at auction. They had to make their money back. I’m enjoying the process of doing the interviews and guest articles for the different sites.

Do you see a possibility of a sequel to your book? 

As far as I know, there will be a sequel. Whether I am involved or not is up in the air. I have several projects I am working on, one a Southern Romance, several Historical Adventures spanning the various age groups, and even my own Historical Pirate trilogy. I am heavy on the history and light on the pirate though. I love to put nods to historical people and events in a book, which Amber Wake-Gabriel Falling has. The nods may be obscure and only caught by history buffs, but they make me happy.


Click here for a peek at Chapter One.

To buy the book, click the icon below.


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Go Ahead, Astound Yourself

“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.”
~ Thomas Edison ~

Most people have something they struggle with. For many of us, it is weight, and I am no different. Being in the Army, weight is not just something this girl fusses about. Yes, of course I want to look all cute in a bikini or a pair of jeans just like every other girl. However, my weight stress goes past that, way past that.

Being overweight in the Army can have severe consequences. If you are over the weight limit for your height, you are “taped” to determine your body fat. Every age and height and sex has predetermined range that is allowed.

For 15 years, I have struggled with this line and been dangerously close, and once was even two percent over the limit. This fact led to me being “flagged” and having a bad mark put on my permanent evaluation. Of note, it was right after I re-deployed and was dealing with a divorce and adjusting to a new job and place to live. It resulted in stress/depression eating that I thought was a better coping mechanism than other options like violence, drugs or alcohol. In hindsight, maybe I should have differently…

Anyway, It is a constant stress that I would love to get rid of. Yet, every year is the same story-too close for comfort, but I tend to pass, but barely.

Most people think I am just whining when I talk about weight though since I am pretty fit, appear to eat healthy and am not grossly obese. I run occasional half marathons and mud races. I swim laps periodically with my boyfriend. I play paintball with my son in the fall and go to paddle board yoga classes in the summer. I regularly eat salads with flax seeds and drink coffee with coconut oil. I even own several pairs of yoga pants! Come on! What else does a girl need to do here?

Nonetheless, I am always worrying about this. I am not talking like tons and tons of weight. It is usually 5-15 pounds or 1-2% body fat. Most people roll their eyes and say, “So what, what’s the big deal?” The big deal is I could lose my job. I could loose a retirement that I have 15 years of blood, sweat and tears invested in. The could lose my ability to be a Soldier. More important than all that though, is that I would fail a challenge against myself, one that is seemingly easier than others I have accomplished.

You would think all of the reasons above would make me do it, make me find a way to get far away from that max weight/body fat line. Yet, I still struggle. Yes, I do have a few obstacles that don’t help me that I can’t control. I am short. I have a medically diagnosed slow thyroid. My family has a history of diabetes and extra weight. Oh, and I freaking love eating food, cooking food, and baking food. Fortunately for me though, I do like working out too.

But enough is a enough. I am tired of the stress. So, I have to do something to break the walking-the-danger-zone line game. So I have joined my friend on a 6-days-week/2-month Piyo challenge where she will hold me accountable, daily. I signed up for a half marathon in March and an obstacle mud race in April that I need to train for as well. I am filling my calendar with fun ‘bonus’ work outs: TRX last week, paddle board yoga (in warm pool) this week, and an Insanity class the week after. I wear a pedometer with the goal of getting 10,000 steps a day in just daily movements. Then, the hardest part….eating. I eat tons of healthy stuff, I really do. But I also eat occasional bad things too or just too much in general. Can you really be a glutton with zucchini or endamame though?

I am tempted to just not eat, but I know that I can’t do that and it will not help me in the long run. My metabolism is slow enough already. So, all I can do is plan and work harder and smarter. And there comes a point, where I have to believe I can accomplish this one personal goal. I have accomplished a lot more difficult tasks in my life, so why not this one? How can I let 5-15 pounds beat me? I can’t. I have come too far and done too much.

As I struggle with this new plan (that has the goal of altering my daily habits), I came across a quote from Thomas Edison. “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.”

Good point Mr. Edison. Good point. I got this. I can do this. Watch out self and get prepared to be astounded.


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