Emotion Through Art

Today I will speak through my pictures as I am lacking energy and words. Nothing wrong, just a lazy dreary day to enjoy. (Well, technically yesterday when I wrote this.)

Sometimes I think I say more with pictures than I do words anyway, perhaps more elegantly too. So here are a few iPhone pictures I took and their edits. Which do you prefer,the actual image or the image I created?

Now, for the rest of my Thursday, I will be enjoying life unplugged. There will be music, dancing, and even a dashing prince, and who knows what will actually happen during the ballet-because I was just talking about my real life:)

Go out and find your art and smile today!

Love, Nato


For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Challenger’s Choice Week

I chose Abstracts.

10 thoughts on “Emotion Through Art

    • Thank you so much Janet! This is a big weekend too. My son is getting his Eagle Scout badge! Lots of hard work and time for this young man and now…he is all about grown and ready to be on his own, which makes the most bittersweet times. I miss that little toddler face, but am happy to see he’s such a great young man!

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