Storytelling Leaves

Days shorten, we fall away



We cannot stay

Colors change and intensify



We mystify

It’s not death, only rebirth



Parts of the Earth

So stop and look, at our glory



Many a story


For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Macro.


9 thoughts on “Storytelling Leaves

      • On the other hand, the gathering of believers is such a blessing and time to get together and rejoice, pray, learn. The drama is unfortunate, that’s for sure, but there was rather a lot of drama in Jesus’ life and He still got together with others. 🙂

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        • That had me cracking up. True. Jesus did have some drama in his life. I guess a good balance of human contact mixed in with my solitude in natures days is the way to go.


    • Indeed it is. Sometimes I swear have more spiritual moments while walking or horseback riding on a trail than when I am church with people. Perhaps because there are less distractions, just me and all that God created?

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