The Fortune of Words

Open the cookie. Let your fortune foretell.

Of a life full of money or a lover’s spell.


My mind raced from fantasy to the utterly absurd,

But all my fortune said was, “You are a lover of words.”


I craved it would reveal a vicissitude so grand,

I’d live the most insouciant life in all the land.


I thirsted for passion, beauty and profound sagacity.

Instead I will be blessed with nugatory vocabulary?!


I presume my greed exceeded the New Year’s allotment.

So I’ll have to unearth and generate my own excitement.


I’ll traipse about, seeing all that God’s bestowed.

From an empyreal beach to an antiquated railroad.


My journey will uncover magnificent escapades,

with some turning out to be mere masquerades.


Overall though, my life can still be marvelous.

Even if I speak quite superfluous.


For Dversepoets’ ~ As the Cookie Crumbles. 

Cookie picture was found with a random image search and came back to another WordPress blogger:)


28 thoughts on “The Fortune of Words

    • Thank you. I find it hard to not rhyme in poems. I read others non-rhyme prose with envy at times. It just doesn’t sound right when I write it though. Maybe in time I can expand.


    • Thank you. I think that is how life is. You are given a base to start with, a canvas per say, and what you do with it is up to you. Of course there are obstacles and such, but if it were all perfect…I guess we would not appreciate the good as much. So my theory is, if you want fortune and dreams, you better work hard to get it. Few of us are ever given silver spoons.


    • Oh, I agree as I like to write. The more words I learn the better. And if I can continually improve on ways to string them together: that is a awesome! Thanks:) I don’t always get time to do dVerse prompts, but love the fun they create when I do.


    • I agree! I would find a word I liked, look it up and then try to craft my sentences around it. It was like a puzzle:) And I am like geek-excited about’s word of the day sometimes.

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