Highway of Fear

The car to the right suddenly lunged into her lane and then quickly darted into the far left lane, crossing just feet in front of her. Terra’s heart stopped for a split second as she didn’t even have enough time to slow down.

“Well, excuse ME for being in YOUR way!” she muttered to her empty car. People on this road were always aggressive. Thank God she didn’t have to come to the city often. Well, she never had to before, but now…things would be different. She was going to have to learn to cope with crazy drivers.

As if on cue, another car came speeding up behind, so close she could not even see their head lights. “OMG! I am going 70! Go around!” she screamed in frustration.

The driver, who was on their phone, thrust out to her right and flipped her off as they whipped past her. “Really?” she muttered. “What is wrong with these people?”

She shook her head and took a deep breath and started thinking about was her family. Her son was just starting college. Her daughter was about to get married. Her husband had started a new business. Things were all in place, almost perfect. Except for her and her problems. She couldn’t tell them her worries though. She just couldn’t. She had to help them with their new steps in life. She was the glue of the family, and loved it that way. But she had to admit, she was scared. She wasn’t sure she could do this alone. But how could she mess up all their excitement?

Another car thrust itself in the small space between her and the car in front of her. Slamming on her brakes to avoid their sudden presence, she gasped. She couldn’t even think of something yell at this point. All she could do was hope these road-raging maniacs didn’t kill her.

She didn’t have time to die. She had plans. College plans. Wedding plans. Business owner’s wife plans. It was an exciting time for them all, and she couldn’t wait to be there for all of it. She even had her own big plan of course. She was practically done with her book and her editor said the draft looked promising. Everything was falling into place, like a dream.

This trip into town was turning into a nightmare though. She snapped on the radio. Maybe that would calm her nerves. The radio announcer was rambling on about National Pink Day, “Don’t forget to wear pink tomorrow for breast cancer awareness…

She turned off her exit and was passed on the right again, but this time on the exit ramp. “Clearly, I must be invisible or these city people are all bat-shit crazy,” she muttered. If all her drives to the city were going to be like this, she may as well stay home.

…Each year, thousands of people are diagnosed…..” the radio droned on. “So show your support. Wear pink!…”

She pulled into the parking lot and took a deep breath. She clicked the radio off with irritation. “I don’t need to wear pink or show my support. I don’t need another damn reminder for God’s sake!” Laying her head on the steering wheel she started to cry. Hot tears of fear streamed down her face, falling into her lap. Then all of the sudden, she started laughing, the kind of stress relief laugh that came with tears. “Shit, driving to my chemo appointments may kill me faster than my cancer does anyway!”



February 5th is National Wear Red Day, or Shower With a Friend Day. There are much more serious International Days the 5th is set aside for, but the challenge at this point in its growth is not a place to explore those quite yet. Although I’m not stopping anyone. If you know of another National/International Day you want to write about this week, go for it.

  • Word Count of 500. (SUGGESTED)
  • Some great stories were written last week. Continue those stories this week! (SUGGESTED)


  • If you are not writing a series then It’s National ? Day and you are in charge of the party. Create your own National/International Day and spread the news. (REQUIRED if not in the middle of writing a series OR doing the above Suggested Prompt.) You can always mention a national day in a series.


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