Change Comes Each Day


January is about hope and change for many people. I am no different. Who doesn’t look forward to a fresh start from time to time?

However, I had no time to start new things in January. Instead, I had to finish up some old tasks. I am no longer a commander in the Army Reserve, but once again a public affairs officer. But before that could happen I had to complete a majority of my pending issues. My huge 824-page project at my civilian editor job had to be completed, and I am now ready for a new assignment. My crazy hectic travel schedule between the two jobs is now over as well. (At least for a while anyway as my new Reserve position will require some occasional travel.) Though eating out was fun during that here-and-there living, I am looking forward to some time at home. I am excited about getting into a new routine and eating healthy again. I look forward to organizing my office/exercise room that still remains in boxes since moving to my new house. I am looking forward to some order in my days, some calm.

It is like February is my January. It is my time to start fresh, reorganize, unpack and create a new routine. So as I wrap up this January day, I think – Happy New Year. Anything is possible as long as I take it one step at a time.


Do you have any new routines you are starting to make?


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4 thoughts on “Change Comes Each Day

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  2. What an excellent post! My husband is retired Air Force, and I did my four years long ago also. Isn’t it funny how the military never leaves our soul? Once you get organized and settled you will feel so much excitement at your new endeavor! I know it will be amazing for you. Love your quote! Hope to see so much more of you now! ❤

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    • Thank you! Command was certainly grueling at times. So I am definitely looking forward to getting re-settled. But for now, I am off to go see my horse and my boyfriend. I have seen all morning and afternoon working on writing and reading blogs and editing pictures. Now, it’s time for a nature and love break:) See you more later! Oh, and thank you and your husband for your service in the past!

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