Wildflower Surprises

These days, I am more aware of my surroundings. I look for things to appreciate…and photograph. While visiting Ohio, my boyfriend and I were out running. We came upon these little wildflowers and went to check them out.

It never ceases to amaze me that there is so many wonderful things in the world. Sometimes, we just need to stop running and take the time to notice the little things. It will be worth it.


For Sally D’s Mobile Phoneography Challenge ~ Macro.

12 thoughts on “Wildflower Surprises

    • I do love that aspect of photography! I seem to look at the world now through a lens of how I could photograph it, lol. I do need to step back at times though and just soak it with my eyes and let my camera rest.

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    • Thank you Janet. I agree. I have debating about a macro lens so this challenge with my phone macro app has really helped me see new things, and whether or not I would use a macro lens. Yeah, I think I would.


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