Stop the Greed

We all like our stuff. From our smart phones and TVs to our green cars and appliances, we are spoiled. We entertain ourselves with fitness trackers, Redbox movies and non-fat frappuccinos with extra whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

We run around stressed at Christmas as we decide what to buy who and when. But giving should be fun. At least it is for me and several others I know. Yet, when I go out into the stores, so many people look angry. And when I hear some people talk about Christmas, they sound so greedy.

We live in a material world. (Great, now I am singing Madonna now…) I get that. I just wish some people had more Christmas spirit and less greed. And if they had this longer than just the Christmas season, that would be nice too. Am I asking too much?

Perhaps. But all things are possible with God I believe. And if all of us spread joy in our daily actions, maybe we could start a wave of happiness. Who knows, maybe those ripples of goodness could spread across the world…


“Let us keep Christmas beautiful without a thought of greed, that it might live forevermore to fill our every need, that it shall not be just a day, but last a lifetime through, the miracle of Christmas time that brings God close to you.” ~ Ann Schultz quotes


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10 thoughts on “Stop the Greed

  1. Every year when Christmas makes its way to our house, husband and me start to argue about gifts.
    I usually have the shopping done by November (not this year though). As for me, I am happy to get everyone (children, husband and myself, yes I buy and wrap my OWN presents) a maximum of 2 presents and am very content and happy with the choices as they where desired of the brute, husband just has to love it.
    But then husband jumps in, saying other children in the UK get a lot and they will make fun of our children when they compare what they got, which I think he makes that one up!
    He seems not to understand my point or doesn’t want to, that you don’t NEED to give a lot and that makes me angry, not the fact that I have to hunt for presents!

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    • I agree. We don’t need to give a lot to make it special. One or two thoughtful gifts can mean the world when a ton of meaningless gifts might be nice things to have, they man not have nearly the same emotional value. I can’t speak for people in the UK, but I suppose there are always groups of kids who could get teased. But, that is only because some kids (and adults for that matter) are all about status symbols and showy styles. I guess I am just not that way generally. (Though I do enjoy my luxuries from time to time of course.) Perhaps it is from my years deployed or my childhood that lacked an abundance of luxuries. I just learned to appreciate little things more:)

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  2. What a beautiful quote. I so agree. I think the whole thing about presents is now connected to what propels our American economy. It is crazy. Well done!!!! ❤

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