Living Christmas

For some, the day after Thanksgiving means Black Friday shopping. For me, it means the beginning of the Christmas season.

Since I was a child, I have adored Christmas. I love everything about it. From the Biblical story of Jesus being born to the glow of lights on a tree, it is all magical to me.

Christmas is not about presents to me. (Though I do enjoy giving them and getting them. Who doesn’t really?) It is more about a spirit of peace, love and caring. It just seems to be a time when the world seems happier and more respectful of each other. People smile more, give more. It is though there is a mask of kindness, one that I wish would remain throughout the year.

In my house, Christmas means time together cooking/baking favorite meals/treats, watching seasonal family movies, and decorating the house. It is about talking and laughing and slowing our pace to focus on family. It is a spirit we feel and try to share. And like Roy L. Smith said, it has to come from our hearts, because it can’t be wrapped up and found under the tree.


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