The Princess Saves Herself, THEN Meets her Prince…

The last twelve months of my life have been a fairytale. Not the fairytale where a prince comes sweeping in on a white horse to save the girl from a troll. No, not that dramatic, but better. For my fairytale involves a princess saving herself,  the meeting of a handsome prince, a blue horse of sorts, a modern castle and some haunting trolls.

Let me explain. In the last twelve months, a lot has happened in my life. For the first part of the those twelve months, I was on a serious journey of rediscovery. Though this post-deployment and post-divorce process really took years, there was a monumental shift in my thinking at the beginning of this year. It was then that I found my true self and balance in my life. I no longer held back on what I wanted to do and try. I was finally happy with just me. I realized, I was ok. I was important. I was worthy of love, even love from myself.

Once I started to love myself, and forgive myself and others for the pains of the past, I was no longer captive to the haunting trolls of anger, guilt and resentment. I was free from the things that held me back. Free to live. Free to love. And free to be happy. Finally.

After that, I went into action. And this is where the story gets good. I started house hunting and researching cars. My landlord wanted her rental home back and my car of 236,000+ miles was warning me of its impending death. As I was nearing the closing of my new house, and deciding on cars, I went on a blind date. I wasn’t expecting much from this date other than a nice break from the stresses of my home and car searching quests. However, it was the highlight of my life-changing actions in this six months. But, before I tell you about this day, the day that I would relive if I could, I will at least tell you that I did find my own castle (my first ‘all mine’ home) and my own horse (a Ford Mustang). So, in the end, this princess saved herself, bought her own castle, picked out her own horse and in the middle of that, she met a true prince.

Now, if you are still interested, here is the story of how I met my prince…

After being divorced and dating a few jerks, I really wasn’t all that excited about a blind date, especially with a “nice” guy. Yeah, those guys never like me anyway. I seem to attract the crazy, abusive or unstable men. Nice would be a refreshing change, but highly unlikely. I’d probably have more luck with the lottery, but I decided to go anyway. I figured, at the very least, I could enjoy a meal and bowling with friends, and possibly make a new one. I had no expectations of this blind date man even liking me. I have to admit, I was completely right, but utterly wrong at the same time. He didn’t like me. That was clear. Nope, he was more than a potential new friend. He was my perfect prince who started my real-life fairytale…..(Click in the text to continue the story.)




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