Second Chances

Life hasn’t always been easy. There have been ups and downs. Sometimes the downs were so low that I never thought I would survive, and at some moments I thought, I didn’t even want to. Fortunately though, I have always hung in there. I always believed that tomorrow was a second chance, a new opportunity for something better.

Now, I think I am in that second chance, and I could not be happier. So when I look at the quote by Nishan Panwar, I think, they just may be onto something there. Indeed, I will not take my current gifts and blessings for granted. I will seize them as they come and savor every moment.

As I write this scheduled post, I am awaiting my wonderful boyfriend’s arrival. Tonight, we are off to watch the sunset from a mountaintop view. After that, we are walking a 7-mile Christmas light display in honor of a children’s charity. Years ago, I never imagined my life would be as it is today: blogger/photographer/home owner/Reservist/government civilian/lover of life. I have more than I ever asked for and I am thankful. Now, off to enjoy my gifts:)

I hope you look around today and see your gifts and cherish them too.


“Not everyone gets a second chance. If you get one, take advantage of it because it is a gift and may be something better than you had before.”~ Nishan Panwar

For Writer’s Quote Wednesday. 

7 thoughts on “Second Chances

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    • I feel honored that I have encouraged you. Thank you for sharing that. Yes, please do hold on. There is always another day for another chance. And in my darkest of times, I would have never imagined the joy I feel now.

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