Falling Into You

Into you I fall


And every day

I find that I adore


In every way


The way that you smile

The manner of your laugh

Your individual style

Your choice of life’s path


Your kindness, your voice

The caress of your hand

The way you look at me

Makes it hard to stand


I see your soul

As you work with pride

Always trying to improve

The man inside


Your mind is constantly


Of ways to give

And how to honor God

With how you live


You, my love

Are all of my dreams

For a man like you

I have never seen


For dVerse’s Open Link Night #160.

45 thoughts on “Falling Into You

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    • Now, it I could only write music…. Anybody got connections with Taylor Swift? 🙂 Either way, we are in no rush to do anything but enjoy this journey of getting to know each other more and more. Today marks five months now:)


    • It is quite a fairytale for sure. I had almost given up on the idea of true love. Guess I will see where this leads and I will just say, the journey is quite fabulous:) And he is enjoying all this feedback on his poem, which makes me even happier that he supports me and all that I love to do.


  2. Love is a hot house flower that must blossom slowly out of the cocoon & honeymoon of attraction. I envy your pluck as you invest yourself, putting it out there one more time; smile.

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    • It is something I’ve never experienced before: respect, honorable actions, and freedom to be my complete self all at once. It’s like I’m a bird flying in the sky. I cannot ask for more.

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  3. Really, what a beautiful love song. I loved the lines about how he honored God with how he lived. That along with always trying to improve the man inside…. It sounds like you found yourself a ‘keeper.’

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    • Thank you so much. I just may have found a ‘keeper’ indeed. No rush for anything other getting to know each other more right now. Each day is a treat and an adventure worth the risk.


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