Memories of War

I have been deployed three times. It has not always been easy and fun. Sometimes it was scary and lonely and downright sucked. However, there have been countless good times. I have made some of the best friends, traveled the world and made memories I will never forget.

Happy Veterans Day to my comrades and here are a few memories from war I thought I would share…

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27 thoughts on “Memories of War

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  2. Michelle, thank you for your service. I know that this sounds trite, especially on Veterans Day. However, I do mean it and therefore not showing gratitude seems less genuine.

    The photos are amazing. Such a foreign experience for me and of course, most people. The swimming pool photo is a book waiting to be written.

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    • Thank you Bruce. I do appreciate it, really. It has been hard to balance Reserve life, a civilian job and family over the last 15 years. Don’t let the rumor of one weekend a month fool you. Once you have any rank, there are countless things to do in between drill weekends. And, I have deployed more than some of my active duty counter parts. However, I have stories galore! You just maybe be right about the pool. It is pretty interesting to be baptized in such an odd place. I should at least test it out with a post. 🙂


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