Running Around Today

Enjoy your day followers:)

Today I’ll be running a half marathon in honor of fallen soldiers. I’m not a great runner but it’s a therapeutic way to remember my comrades.

You are not forgotten my friends. I did not know you personally, but I’ll always remember your names.



6 thoughts on “Running Around Today

    • Thank you! It wasn’t an amazing time (3 hour 6 minutes) but hey, I was not shooting for amazing. I was shooting for somewhere in that range and being able to still walk without assistance. Walking a bit hobbled, but still on my own. So, it was a win-win!

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      • I must admit, I am a bit jealous! But therefor I ordered some running clothes from Inov-8 (don’t know if you know that brand) and today I am feeling a bit better so hopefully I can start my training very soon!

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        • I haven’t heard of it; I will have to check them out. I hope you feel better and get running again. I am not great or fast at it. But, I do seem to enjoy the therapy of it: listening to music, seeing the trails/paths/nature and the results so I can eat. I do love to eat, lol.

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