Nature of Love

For this week’s Phoneography Challenge, I may be disqualified on a technicality (since I did not take any of the pictures below). But that is ok, it is in the name of love.

Several times a month, my boyfriend and I exchange phone pictures of our day, especially when we are apart. We text each other scenes of sunrises, trees, animals and occasionally, even a rainbow. We both appreciate the world around us and love to share it with each other – even when we are not at each other’s side.

They may not always be the most in-focus, technically composed photographs. However, they are photos I cherish. These simple snapshots let me know he is thinking about me. They show me how much he notices things around him and appreciates them. They are proof that he is thankful for the little things in life. Overall, these little snippets of his day make me realize what a wonderful man he is. To his core, he is a good man–an honest, hard-working, and spiritual man. He doesn’t just see a sunrise and walk away. He will stand there for that short time to watch the sun peak out from the night and praise God for the glory of that moment.


He will go check on my old mare when I am out of town on military duty and send me pictures of her grazing. He cares enough to spend his time at the barn just to let me know she is OK.


When he is at work and walking the grounds of the golf course, he notices how the sunlight peers through the trees. He will look up and feel the warmth on his face and be thankful for it.


He will see a grand tree and admire its beauty. For he understands nature and all that the tree had to endure to grow so large, to survive so long when others did not.


He loves to see how the sun rises behind a prospering tree and looks at the world with wonder. He stops to notice God’s canvas.


And every once and while, he is honored with a special treat, a rainbow. Of course, he understands the science that created it. But he also embraces the marvel of it nonetheless.


The splendor of nature does not escape him, and that is just one of the things I adore about him. The fact that he notices these little nuisances tells me volumes about him. And when he thinks to include me in that moment, even when I am not there, I consider that a compliment. For he not only appreciates the unfolding scene before him, but he thinks of me at the same time. He knows that I would enjoy it too, and he takes the time to share it with me. To me, that is an act of love. To me, those are the actions that really matter.

It is like in nature. All the little things build upon each other to create wonder. Like in the scene below, you can see the hint of fall in the trees along the fairway. The dew upon the grass glistens from the morning sun. The rolling hills display the variety that Mother Nature offers us. Without all those elements, the moment would not be the same.


Just like in love. We need those little things. We need someone who tells us we mean a lot to them. But we also need them to show us in their actions. The kind words are wonderful, but they mean even more when they are accompanied by a soft touch, a genuine smile or even, a picture of a your horse approaching a man she deems worthy of her time.


I’ve always heard that you should watch and trust the actions of animals. It is in their nature to know when someone can be trusted. Daisy girl, you may just be onto something here.



For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge.

**All pictures were taken by my wonderful boyfriend on his phone:)




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