Rainbow of Passion

Your touch melts my senses every time.

I wonder my love, how you became mine.

From the flavor of your lips to hue of your eyes,

When you are near me, all I can do…is sigh.

Like an angel before me, you appear to me.

I feel alive, invigorated and full of glee.

Never before, have I felt so beloved.

My spirit and soul soar, just like a dove.

Your words have meaning and offer support.

You’re my best friend, lover, and sneaky cohort.

Time passes in blurs, it hasn’t been that long.

Yet I’ve known you for life, and it doesn’t feel wrong.

I am proud to stand beside you, and call you my dear.

For in your arms, I have no more to fear.

I know your heart, soul and intriguing mind.

Forever I pray, we’ll be intertwined.


For Writing 201’s Day 8 Assignment:

Word prompt, flavor.

Poetic form, elegy.

Poetic device, enumeratio.

Coffee Shop

Music flows with rich coffee.

Local art has a creative place to brew.

Come inside! Find the time!

Alone, on the phone, or bring your crew.


For Writing 201’s Day 7 Assignment:

Word prompt, neighborhood.

Poetic form, ballad.

Poetic device, assonance.

Stages of Love

Imaginary Love

My heart aches in grief.

For love that I never had.

I pine for a dream.


True Love

You’re friend and lover.

Grief comes when you are away.

My soul pines for you.


Complete Love

Together as one.

My grief melts under your charm.

I pine no longer.


Lost Love

Grief engulfs my heart.

Denying your death as false.

I pine for your touch.


For this week’s Haiku Challenge, I wanted to do a few separate haikus on the different stages of love.