Almost Mine, but Thankfully Lost

He wooed me with such pleasurable charm.

I wondered…what if there could be more.

He did everything perfect, there was no alarm.

So I ran at full speed through his revolving door.

But his heart was elusive like a sly black cat.

As he only intended to play for a season.

He was gone before we were and that was that.

Did you ever really care or have a reason?

For a while, I cried over that star that was never in the sky.

But I should have known, he was never meant for me to keep.

He couldn’t open up, too hurt from the past or just liked to lie?

Perhaps I was his game or he was just my lesson to reap?

Now I hope you find me in some of your dreams.

And you wonder ‘what if ‘and lose some esteem.


For Writing 201’s Day 10 Assignment:

Word prompt, pleasure.

Poetic form, sonnet.

Poetic device, apostrophe.

This was my first attempt at this pattern: ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. I think I prefer to rhyme each line so I am not sure this worked. Feel free to give honest feedback as I am trying to learn the different patterns and rhythms of poetry.


14 thoughts on “Almost Mine, but Thankfully Lost

  1. I think your rhyming worked because l was so absorbed with your poetic story that I wasn’t thinking ‘what rhyming scheme is she using’–I like subtle and think you did a great poem.

    Liked by 1 person

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