We Love so Cold

 You loved us, your children, so utterly complete.

But we loved you back, hanging you by your hands and feet.

You tried to teach us about a love so grand.

But we were sinful and petty, refusing to understand.

You designed an entire world to provide for our needs.

But we whine, “It’s not enough, give us more, oh please.”

You taught us kindness so we could help each other.

But we would rather fight and kill our sister and brother.

You gave us minds full of creativity.

But we live with little purpose in levity.

You instructed us how to live to make you proud.

But we still turn away, saying we don’t know how.

Yet, you continue to love us with all your warm heart.

But we stand stagnant and cold, like we were from the start.


For Writing 201’s Day 9 Assignment:

Word prompt, cold.

Poetic form, concrete.

Poetic device, anaphora.

19 thoughts on “We Love so Cold

  1. Wow, did you just write to shape Christ on the cross or an angel.That is the shape I see and it brilliant because your words speak to how undeserving we are many times of what God bestow. I glad you included your hand rewritten image. It not only makes it more personal but you can clearly see the shape.

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    • It is a cross but I kind of see how you see an angel too. Cool! I started with the handwritten image only, but I thought that might be hard to read for some. And, it took me two times of writing it to get it flowed out properly. If I tried a few more times, it could have been a little more aligned, but the demands of life called. Thank you so much for your feedback. Yes, human nature must have God shaking his head at times. We can be so undeserving indeed.


    • Thank you. I often wonder how in the world could have crucified Jesus and then I look at the world today …and then I can see how sadly. There are so many wonderful people in the world but the acts of hatred are so hard to ignore too. Hopefully, the good out weighs the bad and God has something to be proud of.

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