Calls for Peace in Streets of War

In 2010-2011, I was deployed to Afghanistan. I had the privilege to travel around the country while I was there due to my job. Yes, that added a level of danger to time there, but, it also made it more interesting and more meaningful.

Today I am in uniform working and about to head into a busy day, so I thought I would reflect some on my time in these boots. I came across these pictures. While not the most photographically amazing in quality and framing, they stand out to me. One, I took them through the window of an unarmored humvee during a convoy through the city of Kabul. I was going to cover a story that involved some high-level Afghan technology leaders and some IT savvy Nato forces. Here we were going to speak on internet, routers, and servers and other other things that are a bit out of my non-IT brain capacity and on the streets was this art.

As we whizzed by weaving around cement barriers are saw the paintings on the cement walls. Walls meant to protect from explosions. Walls built and placed to secure an area from violence. And on those walls were calls for peace and warnings or were they more?

scences from Afghanistan-0042 copy scences from Afghanistan-0045

At first glance I thought the first painting was a man being killed by an opium plants.  Is this a way of saying drugs kill? I wasn’t really sure. The second picture shows doves of peace carrying AK47s, mail, and twigs. There is so much I thought of and more I want to say, but I really have to run. Military people hate when we are late. A lot.

So, tell me what these captured pieces of street art say to you? I would love to hear what others see.


Got to run!


Have a good and safe day.



8 thoughts on “Calls for Peace in Streets of War

  1. Is the art a reflection of the troubled world of the artist? That the idea of peace is a message – a concept – one that struggles to find a voice in a war torn and troubled land. The colours of the ar are peaceful yet the imagery is disturbing and ambiguous.

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    • Interesting place to say the least. Shortly after that visit a few service members disappeared after taking a wrong turn. Makes you think…I was right there…


  2. I found your post really interesting. I think in some ways it’s saying that war and peace come hand in hand- as though it’s a necessary evil of life. The white bird could symbolize that peace, but by carrying a weapon it’s saying that even those who strive for peace must fight for it. Wonderful post, it really got me thinking!

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