Electronic Life

Gadgets fill our lives.

Silly screens sucking our souls.

Can we put them down?


For Writing 201’s Day 1 Assignment:

Writing 201: Poetry with our first word prompt, “Screen.” For those of you who’d like more of a challenge, be sure to check out today’s poetic form, haiku, and our poetic device of the day, alliteration.

I decided to take the Writing 201 class to brush up on my poetry knowledge. So if you see a lot more poetry lately, this may be why. If you don’t, you know I am not keeping up with the course, lol. But ssshhh, don’t tell the teacher.

8 thoughts on “Electronic Life

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  2. One of the reasons I spent most of my Friday-Sunday offline. Real life needs to have its place and that place is at the forefront of life. However, without our devices, I wouldn’t know you or be commenting here, so everything in its place. 🙂


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