The Give and Take of True Friends

Due to life in and around the military, I have moved several times throughout my adult life. On the bright side, I have seen a number of wonderful places. On the down side, it makes it harder to make friends.

Friends come in all styles, shapes and sizes though. I have found them everywhere from high school to war. Regardless of where I have found them though, there has always been one consistent factor. They are there when I need them. Now for us military folks, there can be a relative term. There can be a friendly ear on the phone, a quick response via text/email, or a short but critical visit.

These friends are not afraid to offer me honest advice, which is not always what I want to hear. We visit each other periodically over the years and find time to catch up in person. We communicate sporadically throughout the year. Yet it is regular enough to know what is going on in each other’s lives. And typically, we make it a point to support each other at various life events.

When I took command of a Reserve unit, my Army brother/friend Cooper and his wife came to the ceremony. When Wendy got married, I photographed her wedding. When I got so sad that I was in hysterical tears and could barely speak, Christina patiently let me vent on the phone (more than once). When Cynthia moved into her dream home, I went to visit her for a girls’ weekend. When I needed a vacation partner because a stupid guy bailed on me, Buffy immediately filled my role as sidekick. When I was the featured Soldier at an Atlanta Braves game, Joy was at my side supporting me with my children. Regardless of the need, there has always been a friend.

Of course, a true friendship always works both ways. There is give and take. There is the perspective of being a friend versus needing a friend. The best and truest of relationships have both perspectives. And these are the friendships that seem to last over the years even we are separated by distance. The friends mentioned above were developed slowly over several years. One is my best friend from high school (Buffy) who I will even see later this month as we attend a high school cheerleader reunion together. Joy, Christina and I became friends on our first deployment (Bosnia) back in 2002. Wendy was my commander during my time in Iraq in 2005-2006. And Cooper and Cynthia helped me through my days in Afghanistan in 2010-2011. We are all scattered throughout the states now (Ohio, NC, SC, GA, NV), but that doesn’t matter. We are still the dearest of friends. So traditionally, one of them is at the ready when I really need a hand. (And, as a side bonus, I typically have a place to sleep when I travel!)

Oddly enough, all of this came to mind when I saw this scene at the barn the other day. In the pictures below, you will see Derby and Junebug helping each other out. Together in their joint effort, they are scratching their buddy’s itch. Right there at their friend’s side, they stayed until the problem was solved (and I was able to get some iPhone shots from a few different angles). And when it was, they both moved about their day. Derby’s day included helping his other friends (me and my boyfriend) solve another problem (the issue of what to do with some troublesome carrots). Like the dear friend he is, Derby bent and twisted himself until he solved our dilemma. How can you not love a friend like that?


For Cee’s new challenge, Compose Yourself~Week #1 – Your Camera is Not Like Your Eye.


As the scene unfolded, I tried to move around to get different angles and perspectives. I climbed on the fence. I crouched in the tall grass. I stuck my camera through the fence. It was fun to see the variety of angles and try something new. As I shot these, I thought, hey, here is Cee’s challenge shots.


For Sally’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Challenger’s Choice (Animals).

But, as I stated editing the pictures, I laughed at how these animal friends were helping each other out and how they had each other’s back, literally. It all made me think of friendships. So I thought, hey, this can be my topic to discuss for Sally’s challenge too.


For the Weekly Pet Share


And just because there is a power in sets of three (and I like to multitask), I figured, this may as well be my submission for the Weekly Pet Share too. It has been a while since I played along in that. So make sure you check out The Happy Hugger’s page too.

How is that for a blogging community effort, lol?!

Ladies, I adore all your blogs so I hope you don’t mind the shared challenge and shout outs. 🙂




9 thoughts on “The Give and Take of True Friends

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    • Oh thank you! I was upset o missed my regular Monday post for your challenge. So I’m happy I could work this in, and that the horses helped me with a prompt and some acrobats.


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