Depressed Inside

Alone he sits.
Alone he waits.
He pretends,
Everything’s great.

But deep inside,
He starts to die.
And those around,
Don’t know why.

Life seems full.
Life seems fun.
But he stares,
At a loaded gun.

He’s tired of pain.
He’s tired of lies.
Every night,
He sits and cries.

But in the day,
He walks with smiles.
Laughs and jokes,
Hiding his trials.

In their eyes,
He has it all.
They don’t know,
He’s about to fall.

Can they save him
From the thoughts?
Or is he really,
Already lost?


A dark poem on depression and thoughts of suicide that I wrote in honor of all of us who have ever had dark moments in life, particularly my comrades in arms with severe PTSD. Just know,  you are not alone though. From someone who thought of it at least once in her life and who has had close loved ones attempt it, please know, you ARE loved and it can and does get better. It just takes one step at a time and agreeing you could use a hand.

For the dVerse Open Link Night #157.

12 thoughts on “Depressed Inside

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  3. Difficult to click the LIKE, but I appreciate and respect the words so much. I’m an attempt-survivor, still battle depression recurrences–just came out of a LONG one. I truly feel for the vets who suffer PTSD–I studied the Vietnam Vets’ experience a lot, both in battle and after their return home (books/documentaries and a few personal interviews). I don’t know what to say, really–just want to hug everyone, keep all safe. Probably wrote a notebook full of no-more-war poems–Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day ache my heart deeply. I wish to thank you for your service to our country–know you’re in my prayers–I hope every good thing for you. J

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