Dying Love

Silence fills the air.
I cannot speak.
I don’t even dare.

I wait.
Wait for another time.
And I hope for
A better moment to speak my mind.

Alone I stand.
I’m next to you,
But sinking in the sand.

Apart we start to live.
We no longer think
About each other and how to give.

Dream that we break apart.
Thinking that’s the path
Since there’s nothing in my heart.

Lost is the day
Where we used to love.
So now we stare with nothing to say.

Relief comes at the end.
Because neither of us
Remember how or want to bend.

Peace is what we have at last.
For when we see each other
There’s nothing but a stranger we knew in the past.


For dVerse’s Open Link Night #156.

25 thoughts on “Dying Love

    • Yes, I agree. The silence and dying is painful. Once it is gone, there is a sense of relief. It is almost watching a terminal illness. You know it is coming and all you can do is watch the suffering. Sad. Very sad.


  1. Love grows old
    without play
    is always
    new.. science
    stays the same..

    i try really hard to
    play with my wife..
    i never give up..
    and now at
    a little bit..

    And words for me
    never do a trick..
    at home..
    at least..
    dance there
    is change
    shore comes back..:)

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  2. I like the word at the beginning of each stanza and then how the stanza builds on the word. Very nice form.It is sad how a relationship dies but then again, it is best to let such a relationship go no matter how painful. But in this poem is peace too and that is a good thing. Welcome to d’Verse and thank you for your service!

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    • Thanks Dan. I just clicked on it and it seems to work. Bad they needed to approve it when you checked it? You do mean the link to dVerse at the bottom of the poem right?


  3. The evolution of a dying relationship. Sometimes it can sneak up on you and before you know it you realize that you no longer have much to say to each other. I like the peace within this though. It’s not all bad to let someone go. I really enjoyed this.

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