Crazy Month of Work and Fun

My plan of scheduled blog posts has gone out the window this last month or so. I have missed the therapy of writing and the interaction with other bloggers. However, I have had a full plate of activity. (So please don’t give up on my blog yet.)

As you can see from the pictures above, I have been a tad busy. I moved into a new house, which was my first home purchase as a single woman. (What an exciting but overwhelming process at times!) I have been traveling around a bit for some Army Reserve missions. And in between all the unpacking of boxes and packing and repacking of uniforms in a suitcase, I have tried to spend time with my new, wonderful boyfriend (who I met on a blind date). I am finding that we are quite compatible. In the picture of us above, we had just finished a 10-mile run that was just for fun. A few of my friends are like, ‘fun and 10-mile run should not be in the same sentence.’ LOL. Perhaps that has some truth in it. However, I guess that is what makes my new beau so great. He pushes me to try new things and we enjoy being an active couple.

Anyway, I am now hoping that I can get back into a blogging schedule as I settle into my new and improved life:)


For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Black and White.

11 thoughts on “Crazy Month of Work and Fun

    • I am looking forward to the next few weeks. There is a small trip that is completely for fun and then a few weekends with no plans! Watch out boxes, here I come:) You just may be unpacked soon!

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