New Adventures-Take the Risk

Many things have been changing in my life lately. No small things either. There are a number of large tasks to do at work, and a potential job change at one of them. I am buying my first home. I am transforming my workout and eating habits through a trainer. And…I just stumbled into a new romantic relationship. So a number of life-altering changes that could either drive me crazy with anxiety or fill me with excitement.

I chose to feel excitement and to look at these changes as adventure. If I couldn’t, they might be overwhelming, especially when compiled together. Of course that is all easier said than done at times though. So I wondered what has brought me to the place where I can look at things in the light of opportunity and adventure as opposed to stress and work.

I think the biggest factor that helps me is my view point. I look at life as a series of events, something to take step by step. Like a bug crawling across a flower, I don’t really know what is in store for me. It is up to me to keep moving around, see all that there is to offer. It is my choice to find the best vantage point and opportunities for support. If I don’t explore the unknown, I may never realize the beauty of the whole flower and all that it has to offer. And there is a certain kind of wonder to be found in all the different angles.

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