God’s Message on Finding Love

I know you wonder, is this real?
Just trust me more and
Allow yourself to feel.
No longer do you have to hold.
The feelings inside you
That were turning cold.
And look around to see
That I am giving you all
That you asked of me.
All that you have to give.
For I gave you talents
And a passion, to really live.
Feel the joy I bestow to you.
For it’s only a small hint
Of a deep love that’s true.
Go and tell your story.
Don’t hold back from
Expressing this glory.
It is what you will share.
You will let others know,
It is OK to dare.
The dreams of your night.
For sometimes it is how
I speak, and give you my sight.
You’ve had it, and now I bless.
No longer do you have to
Exist alone, and in distress.
See each moment, find its treasure.
For I have filled the world
For man’s endless pleasure.
Embrace the passion in your heart.
For it is how I made you
From the very start.
Each day like it is your last.
Share my blessings
And you’ll forget your past.
All the things you wanted before
Are no longer in the future…
Wait and see what’s in store.

2 thoughts on “God’s Message on Finding Love

  1. God is so much more and wants for us so much more than we even imagine. Nicely written, Michelle. Happy almost Fourth and thank you for your part in keeping us (or US) free! Your service and that of all those who serve is greatly appreciated.


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