Living My Blog Out Loud

Last fall I started blogging to silence the voices in my head. Not like split-personality, bat-shit-crazy voices. No, these voices were more like the random lines of poetry, the details of an experience, and the outlines of a plot. At times, they would flood my head, distracting me from life. So instead of missing out on what was going on around me, I decided to write, thus freeing my mind to experience things before me. It also allowed me to dabble in an old dream.

As a child, I wanted to be a writer…but then I grew up. The demands of life took over and my dream faded away. The bigger problem though, was that I was fading with my dream. I was a shell of a person, nearly devoid of passion. I survived to serve others. I was so far away from myself that I didn’t even know what I wanted anymore.

So when I started to write, I didn’t even care if anyone liked my posts (though that is preferable of course). I just need to write. There was no posting schedule in my head. I had no strategic marketing plan. I merely had the desire to put words on paper. Sometimes the words formed poems and other times a fictional story. Then I started posting about my feelings, my life. I started to share stories from my past.

Through this therapeutic process, I discovered the meaning behind my blog’s name, Chasing Life and Finding Dreams (which I chose partially from a TV series, Chasing Life, that I was really enjoying). I realized the name wasn’t as haphazard as I had originally thought. No, deep down, I knew that things were changing. I was embracing life more and more each day. I was trying new things. I was beginning to find me, the real me. And in the process of chasing my lost life, I discovered…I am finding my dreams.


For the Daily Prompt ~ All About me.

7 thoughts on “Living My Blog Out Loud

  1. I can definitely see myself in what you just described. Keep your inner child alive! Continue to write if if feels natural. Great post! ✨

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