See the Small, Feel Big

Life is a series of small events. Sometimes, those events are long and challenging experiences. However, other times, there are little moments that are wonderful and perfect. Those are the moments we treasure and highlight in our memories, or should.

We all experience struggles in life. Of course, most people would prefer to avoid the bad, the drama, the pain. No matter how hard we try though, it is just part of life. People break our hearts. Our bodies get injured. We get overwhelmed and disappointed. Regardless of who we are, we will be challenged. It is unavoidable. What I have found important though, is how I handle the difficulties. I can either let the challenges immobilize me in fear, sadness and anger or I can move past them. I remember a line from a movie that stuck with me (I wish I could remember which movie it was from). The character was talking to someone about fear. They summed it up as, give the fear five seconds. Feel it. Understand it. But then, take action. Don’t let the fear control you. Learn to control your fear. That stuck with me and I try to apply it to my life.

When I am upset, I give myself time to feel my initial response. Depending on the situation, I may scream, cry, vent, complain, or pray. I let my emotions live in that moment. I try to “get it out.” It certainly is more than five seconds though. Obviously, the time is dependent on the situation. Once I get a grasp how I feel, I try to move on and not dwell. I assess what I could learn from the event, what could I have done differently, or was the offender intentional in their actions. And then I move on, and store that information to use in the future. Not to rehash it over and over, but to take what I can from the event to become a better person.

And what I have found by doing this, is that my good times in life seem more powerful. The bad times seem to give me a better perspective on the good. Kind of like a roller coaster I suppose. You can’t feel the high points if you don’t climb out of a valley.

So when I look around the world now, I see wonder. I try to see the magic in the little things. I seek to embrace the moment for all that it can offer. The view. The smell. The taste. Each element of a moment that is available, I want to experience it. I came across a powerful quote from Ralph Fiennes that explained the joy in this. “Little moments can have a feeling and texture that is very real.” That is exactly what I want-a perspective on life that is full, real, and passionate.

This is hard for many though. They embrace the bad and overlook the good. They miss the wonder that is surely at their feet. Like these little mushrooms for example. I came upon them on a trail ride. They are just tiny little mushrooms, no more than an inch tall, but they have power. They were like a little village and full of texture. I was impressed with their details and could not help but photograph a couple different views of them. (Which do you prefer?)

So if you are not doing so already, I recommend slowing down enough to really be in a moment. Give yourself a different perspective to embrace all that is offered. Because if you don’t, you could miss how wonderful something really is, according to Dr. Seuss. “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

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7 thoughts on “See the Small, Feel Big

  1. Wonderful post, Nato. I especially love the quote on fear; I am of the same mind. Feel it, then take action! I love your two photos, but think I like the second one (on the right) that fills the frame and seems like a little fairy village to be sure…like the one in Disney’s Fantasia.

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    • Thank you so much! It is good to know that others think the same. Fear doesn’t deserve our precious time. Well, not much of it:) I love how you see a fairy village too!


  2. Another enjoyable, thought-provoking read. I agree that it’s vital to take time to process life–good things or bad things. Focusing on the good makes more sense and makes for more happiness then focusing on the bad any more than necessary.


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    • Amen Janet! If there is too much focus on the bad, it can be too depressing. And you can’t change the past, so I say, focus on the present and future:)


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  4. Another post that gives much thought to ruminate. I liken your examination of being in the moment and really experiencing what is present to the wreck line at the shoreline: when you look really look, a world world of treasures are unveiled. Your image is a good companion to your thoughts. Happy Photo Challenge.

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