Buildup to Nothing

Our passion passes each and every day.
We talk and talk. Oh, the things that we say.
We share our pains, our past, our present.
Our desire builds, calling for consent.
But how can that be?
The last we saw each other, we were but teens!
Too many years lost as we lived our lives apart.
Now…we find each other again. Maybe to restart.
Years gone, but something remains.
A palpable spark? Or is this insane?
The feelings ignite something deep within.
Is it fate? Or just something that makes us grin?

So we plan a visit, to see face to face.
To look into each other’s eyes and take a taste.
Will our hearts soar with this feeling of glee?
Will our fingers explore greedily?
Will our lips meet and bring peace to our broken hearts?
Will all those years of sadness fade, like we were never apart?
Will we find…that something we missed?
Maybe just maybe, when we kiss.


I saw you, and my heart did flop.
Your hands were shaking. You tried to make them stop.
We chatted with ease. Years passed were gone.
You took my hand, we walked around.
You showed me your life, and your town.
Your kisses were indulgent. My heart beat so loud.
I felt some connection. Oh, could this be real?
But I am not really sure, how you feel.
Then, it was time…I had to return.
To my life, my work – real life concerns.

Since then, you seem even further than before.
Maybe I am wrong, for my heart wanted more.
But it is like, I was never even there.
The silence screams…did you ever even care?
I wonder…should I have bothered to travel?
Was I just something for you to unravel?
Maybe you just wanted to see,
What all the years had done to me?
Maybe you didn’t like what you saw after all?
Maybe it was too much, and you needed to stall.
You said you weren’t ready for serious and more.
Understood. Life’s beat me up, leaving my heart sore.
But I think my heart, forgot the pains of my past.
Because when I looked into your eyes…
I hoped.
I dreamed.
That just maybe it could last.

But I cannot chase that man that I saw.
He’s not ready. No, not at all.
He’s scared try and afraid to dare.
Or, I hate to think, that he never even cared.
So I go. I leave, to go on with my life.
I hold my head high. I carry no strife.
For I bared my soul. I took a chance.
And now I am left, adjusting my stance.

I pray you find the healing you crave.
I hope that one day, you can be brave.
Don’t fear to live. Offer your soul and do try again.
For life with no passion, surely is sin.


For the Daily Post ~ 180 Degrees.

Based on a time, I took a chance on a path that was before me.

Then the path disappeared suddenly, and it didn’t match the map that lead to it.

5 thoughts on “Buildup to Nothing

  1. Whao! So much emotion in this poem, that I could feel it right through my bones. I am glad you chose to let your ink bleed so that your heart could maybe heal.

    Sometimes, our emotions blur our thoughts; we think everything is fine, when it is only just beginning to fall apart. I wish things went better, I know you wish same too. But I am happy he didn’t lead you on to think he wanted more, when all he wanted to do was run.

    Welldone blogger! I noticed you did this in honour of a prompt too and I have to say that your spontaneity and originality is very endearing. Don’t stop writing ma’am. Cheers. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are right in every word Janet. A girl can always hope, but sometimes those hopes are just not realistic. But, that’s the thing I’ve noticed. I am a passionate person in all that I do. I am either all in or out. No middle ground. Sometimes that is too much for others. Such is life. I will not water myself down. I did that for years in a bad marriage, and I almost forgot who I was. So with passionate happiness comes passionate heartbreak.

      Liked by 2 people

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