Glory of Rain

I find nature to be utterly amazing with its endless variations and countless wonders. Large and small creations in the world create nearly the same level of wonder for me. I can appreciate a magnificent canyon as well as a drop of rain on a leaf. To me, they both hold beauty, meaning and value.

Like most things in life though, each piece of nature can be interpreted and viewed in multiple ways. For some, rain can be looked at in a negative light. It can ruin planned events like a cookout, wedding or beach day. To others, it can hold an entirely different and positive view. For example, rain can be a farmer’s answer to prayers on a drought or a Native American’s symbolic meaning for renewal, fertility or change. So like most things, beauty (and value) is in the eye of the beholder.

Generally, rain is a good thing for me. Of course I don’t want it to rain every day. I love the sunshine just as much as anyone else. However, I can respect the rain and what it brings. I can appreciate its power and elegance.

Take a look at these simple iPhone pictures that I shot while wandering through the woods on my horse. They are tiny little wonders that caught my eye and required me to dismount. Once stopped, I crouched down staring at the details, the way the light reflected off the raindrops. I loved the way the raindrops placed themselves around the bud and leaves. (Which shot of the bud and leaves do you prefer and why?) These views made me think about life and change – more of the Native American view I suppose.

I think of rain as necessary, even magical. It cleanses away the dirt and pollen. It nourishes plants, animals and humans. It creates stunning landmarks. It holds an elegant grace while at times, a fierce power. There is something about water itself that I am drawn to. I find that I am quite mesmerized by rain. When my kids were younger, I remember a day where we started running around in a fairly heavy, but warm rain. We acted silly and laughed until tears as we shampooed our hair outside in our driveway. Once when I was dating, I recall a romantic slow dance out in a gentle rain. Even last night, I stood on my deck watching the heavy rain fall. It was a sense of awe to watch the wind and rain whip things around. Even though that combination made two decent-sized trees fall at my house, my sense of wonder did not diminish. If anything, it raised my level of fascination. It only reinforced my belief that nature is something that must be respected for its splendor as well as its authority. We cannot control nature. We can merely study it and prepare for it.


For this week’s nature theme on Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge. If you are not familiar with the challenge, make sure you click here to check out Sally’s post today. Every week there is a different theme to play with.

9 thoughts on “Glory of Rain

  1. I love how the last photo looks as though someone arranged the rain drops on the leaves. I enjoyed your thoughts, as well as the photos. Rain, as much else, is good in moderation/the right amount and devastating otherwise.

    Have a wonderful week!


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