The Future

The day after today,

Is always far away.

Never is it here.

The unknown, I fear.

Will I feel love’s spark?

Will I leave my mark?

I hope there is more,

Than what is at my door.

For all I see is bleak,

Leaving me sad and so weak.

I wonder why I try,

When all I hear is a lie.

Is no one honest and true?

Is there nothing we can do:

To make people really live?

To make them want to give?

To bring peace in the land?

To unite and make a stand?

For if we all stopped the fight,

And just did what was right,

The world just might be,

More than we can see.

Kindness, hope and creativity

Would cancel out negativity.

If we all stopped the goal of being right,

We just may find a better sight.

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