I Forget I am Alone

I think of your kiss,
Softly on my neck at night.
My hand reaches out.

I find nothing there.
For a moment, I forgot.
I sigh with regret.

My heart won’t believe
That you are not here with me.
I ache for your touch.

I miss your whispers
As I fall asleep at night.
Like a lullaby.

Each night it’s the same.
I call for you in my sleep.
But you are not there.

Morning comes. I reach.
Feeling nothing but fresh sheets.
I turn and I cry.

Tears run down my face.
For part of my heart shattered
When you left this Earth.

For Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Think and Fresh.

22 thoughts on “I Forget I am Alone

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  2. Your words express exactly my feelings and wants each and everyday since my sweet husband lost his life in a train accident eleven years ago. I wish that I could pen what is my heart as beautifully as this. Thank you for putting it down for me.I am going to reblog it and keep it forever.

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    • Oh gosh. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. How very tragic. I hate that you lost your husband. I can only imagine that pain. I am happy that my words could touch you though. And I am honored you will keep it. May God continue to help you with your grief.


  3. Seriously….IN LOVE with this poem. So beautiful and that each passage was in Haiku form is an added bonus and quite the endeavor. Love, love, love it. Beautifully written and so meaningful.

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