The Pitch I Should Have Dropped

You threw your pitch and

it drew me in over time.

Then…you walked away.


You enjoyed the chase.

Bringing you into my heart.

Then…you walked away.


You opened your heart.

Letting me see who you were.

Then…you walked away.


I figured it out.

Seeing I was just a game.

Now…I walk away.




19 thoughts on “The Pitch I Should Have Dropped

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    • I imagine that many can relate. I hear that some just like the chase part of a relationship. That makes no sense to me, but hey, to each their own. Just leave me out of the game, lol.

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        • LOL, I so agree. I think that would be so exhausting to constantly be on the chase. But I suppose if you are afraid of someone getting too close and want to appear that you are wonderful…you just end it when it gets a little too real. Perhaps that is the appeal. I wish them well if that is the goal. I don’t have time for that:)

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    • Thanks! I do tend to write from the heart. Sometimes they are current feelings. Sometimes they are past. And sometimes, they are just feelings based on how I think I might feel in a situation. I know. It sounds like there is a lot going on in my head at times, lol.

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