Devoid of Energy

Life has been rather hectic lately. Not only has it been physically demanding trying to keep up, but its been emotionally draining at times as well.

Normally, I can juggle a lot and do it fairly well. But not now. I am tired and drained. I am not sure what exactly happened or when it did, but I can feel a difference. I feel like I have no energy and I just want to do nothing. In a way, I feel like a flower devoid of color. I am still going through the motions. I still go to work and take care of things, but I am not at my full capacity, my full color. I am there in form, but not showing an overwhelming amount of passion.

Today at work, I took a nap at lunch instead of my normal 2-mile walk. There is definitely something askew. It may just be that I merely exhausted from my manic schedule that had a family emergency thrown on top of it. Life doesn’t stop though. After my family emergency, I went straight into a working vacation, then right to my first job the next morning, then to my second job the next, and then today, back to my first. I have been going nonstop since April 27th and I am tired. However, I don’t have time for tired, lol. Who does really?

As busy as this all sounds, I don’t understand why I am this tired. I have done more in the past. I have survived three deployments that have surely been more taxing than a few weeks of running around. And my working vacation was in a tropical paradise (Jamaica). Sure, I had to take pictures, but I was at the beach with friends drinking fruity concoctions. So it doesn’t make a lot of sense that I am this drained.

It is what it is though…and I am beat. Meanwhile, I hope my employers and loved ones can appreciate my less passionate efforts. Like the black and white photos, I still have something to offer. It may not be intense color, but there is value nonetheless. And frankly, there is a beauty and elegance in the simplicity and purity of black and white. Which photo do you prefer and why?

So for now, I will embrace simplicity and try to recharge. But, I only have a few days to do that. For my upcoming four-day, holiday weekend is full of fun activities: kayaking, movies with my kids, photographing a wedding, biking some trails and horseback riding. Well, that is the plan anyway. I guess we will see if I live that all out in full color or maybe pull it back some to a subtle layer of black and white elegance.

Either way, it will be four days to embrace whatever I chose. 🙂


For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Black and White.

5 thoughts on “Devoid of Energy

  1. I think my favorite is the one on the top left. I like the feel of it. Sorry to hear that you’re tired. It may be mentally a/o emotionally tired even more than physically, something I’ve been going through, although only for a few days, nothing like the length of time you mention. I hope that your weekend will be a time of refreshment and renewal!


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    • Thanks Janet. I like that one too:) I decided to take a rest day and go to the doctor to be safe since now my throat hurts. So doctor, soup and bed for me today…. And maybe some blogging:)


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