Life is Like an Abstract

I think most people have plans and goals in life. However, very few, if any, can say they have never experienced set backs and challenges to those plans. In the long run though, I think those obstacles are what really form our character. And out of our struggles, we learn to adjust, cope and modify ourselves to situations. This is where we breakdown, or where we develop our personality and strength.

I meant to post this earlier this week, and then we had a family emergency. It threw off my plans for the week, and we all went into crisis mode. We adapted. We clung together. We cried. In between all of that, I thought a lot.

When I think about how fragile we are as humans, I find it amazing that we can endure so much. We endure physical pain. We tolerate setbacks. We struggle through loss. And sometimes all of this leaves us in a heap, barely functioning. But this is where our amazing strength comes in. When we have hit rock bottom and think we can endure no more, we have the chance to become more than we were. We may never be able to be the same again. No, some things alter us forever. While there are other things we can never get “over,” but we can get learn to get ‘through” them.

The thing about struggle though, is the beauty in our recreated selves. We are different…and maybe a bit off. But we are a new form of ourselves, which can be even more striking and interesting than we were before.

I think this thought can apply to abstracts as well. Take a look at the BEFORE and AFTER photos below. The AFTER photo is an abstract of the BEFORE. It is the same photo, just distorted. However, to me, it has a different kind of beauty.

For the Lens and Pens by Sally Phoneography Challenge – Abstract. Make sure you check it out by clicking on the badge below.
iphone challenge

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