Little Things Hurt or Make All the Difference

Earlier this week, I was on a trail ride with my horse and dog. I adore these times as we are just wandering through the woods and fields. It is quiet and relaxing. Frankly, it is time that really centers me back to what is important. It’s the time when my thoughts are most clear and I often talk to God.

I find that I am very present in the moment, aware of all that is around me. I feel the breeze on my neck and the sun on my face. I see how my horse and dog interact with each other. How they look at all that is around them, always aware of everything in the area. Or at least try to be, lol. There was a time when we were near a pond and I saw this huge fish near the edge. I was watching it slowly move about. It had to be at least a foot and half long. It realized our arrival with a sudden dash to deeper waters. You would have thought my horse just saw a giant the way she jumped! After clinging onto the saddle in the abrupt movement, I laughed at how big horse was scared of a fish. I thought, how is this possible? But then I realized, it’s the little things, the things that sneak up on us that throw us off, scare us, or hurt us.

Think about it. Little things like a splinter in your finger, dust in your eye, or a little bee sting seems so small and yet, they can disrupt your day greatly. As I was riding, I noticed this little bee. He was just there on a tiny branch, and I managed to get a few shots of him with my macro phone app. As I snapped several shots of him, I kept thinking how beautiful he was. And yet, this tiny little beauty could cause so much pain. (Which picture do you prefer of him?)

This little bee made me think of relationships and the little things we do, or don’t do, and how those things can hurt others. A tiny little careless word or gesture. The lack of a courtesy. Silence when our loved ones needs comfort. They are tiny things, almost insignificant things. Yet, together and over time, these little things can hurt. The opposite is true as well. Little things can mean the world…and make all the difference. Does your loved one ask about your day? Do they look at you with kindness? Do they remember little things you mentioned that are important to you? Do they offer you gentle, loving touches? The list of little things, both good and bad, could go on.  And, they are different for every couple I imagine. The point is, details are important.  Just as the little details build upon each other in nature, they do the same in relationships.

As I walked away from the little bee, I wondered… maybe if we treated each other with some love, respect, and space and more little signs of kindness, we could appreciate each other without getting stung.

iphone challenge

7 thoughts on “Little Things Hurt or Make All the Difference

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  2. Great post where you have connected human behavior to nature. After all we are one. The subject of bees–I like the second one–is important for other reasons. They have been effected by climate change and disease. Their importance to our survival cannot be understated. So when I saw a few early Spring bees, I was grateful. Happy Photo Challenge.

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    • Thank you Sally. I had no idea that news were being effected! Apparently, I need to stop living under a rock. I can only imagine how their work, or loss of it, would effect us.


  3. People often forget the common courteousys don’t they? Saying please and thank you. Saying ‘I love you’, saying sorry, making small gestures. These are the things that matter a lot of the time. I like the second picture too. X

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    • They do. I have been guilty of it at times, but now that I am older and more aware, I try much harder. I just wish others were more aware of the impact they make at times. And thanks!

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  4. I always find it amazing and somewhat humorous that horses can be afraid of such small things sometimes. I guess people can be that way too, because the things that bother others sometimes seem small to us and vice versa. As for the pictures, I like the larger one. I like seeing the bee closer.


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    • Thanks Janet. You are so right. Horses are so jumpy at times. Yet, if we look around, some people are too. Getting upset over what we think is small. Then, they probably look at us and think the same thing, lol.


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