Simba’s Spring Joy

It appears that spring is here in Georgia! The other day, I was walking around my yard photographing the new growth of things. Well, my cat, Simba, decided to scare the heck out of me by jumping up into the tree right next the me. After having my heart leap out of my chest, I was able to grab a few shots of him too.

I guess my little cutie is enjoying the change too!

To see the photos I took before Simba demanded attention, click here to go to my photography blog.

Make sure you check out the Weekly Pet Share page for other cute pets. Hope the happy hugger always has come great posts outside of the pet share too:)weeklypets

And for cat lovers, there is also a Tummy Rub Tuesday to check out:) To enter though, you need to go here.

16 thoughts on “Simba’s Spring Joy

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