The Perception of Reinvention

None of us had a choice to how, when and where we were born. Just as an animal or plant did not control their creation.

However, as we all grow, there is a certain amount of power in how we develop. We can merely accept what is before us and cope. Or, we can choose to forge out our own paths, dig deeper roots and create the appearance of individuality. In my opinion, this is where our passion, drive and personalities flourish.

For example, a tree on the side of a river bank, will lean and grow immense roots to stabilize itself. When we are in a situation that we don’t like, we can choose to change certain factors. We cannot control others of course, but we can control how we react to others. Furthermore, we can control how we are perceived. This is where it gets hard though.

Sometimes, we don’t know how to change. Other times, we don’t even have a clear idea of what we need or want to change. We just know that the current status is not working.

As I was looking at my daffodil shots for the Lens and Pens by Sally phoneography challenge (nature), it dawned on me that no mater what the details are, they can always be perceived in different ways. Different light, different hues, different angles will alter how the flower looks in the pictures. But, in reality, the flower is still the same. I think that is somewhat true for us as we reinvent ourselves.

We can change how we behave and look, and people will perceive us different. With effort, we can look thinner, healthier, and happier. We act more composed and professional. We can alter our hair cuts and style of clothes. All of these things could make people look at us different. We may even look at ourselves different. But really, aren’t we still the same person? Yes, maybe a little better version of ourselves, but ultimately, we are still ourselves at the core.

I think that is what I like about photography and my personal aging. There seems to be endless ways for me to display the life I see through my camera. While at the same time, it is up to me what I show. I can show you a more artistic version of the daffodil in blue. Or I can show you a more traditional version in yellow. Which do you prefer?

Now, when it comes to my personal reinvention — I too control that. The question for that is…what version have I decided on for the day?


 iphone challenge

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10 thoughts on “The Perception of Reinvention

  1. You are a talented phoneographer and writer. I thoroughly enjoyed your words about your pics. I once heard someone say that they easiest way to change others is to change yourself. Over the years, this saying has proved, to be true, for the most part. I love to take part in Sally’s challenges and it is a great way to discover wonderful new blogs, like yours!

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    • Thank you. What wonderfully kind words! And I totally agree, our behavior can impact others in many ways. And I love Sally’s challenge as it combines my two passions!

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