Romance, Hope and All That Comes

Our passion passes as we talk of our past, our present…
our dreams. Oh do we dream!  The things we want, vivid and rich.
Desire builds, demanding our delight. Decades gone
since we saw each other last. We were teens in our past.
Too many years lost as we lived our lives apart. Now…
we find each other again. Years gone, but friendship remains.
A palpable spark ignites something deep within. Is it hope?
Hope that our romance could pick up from so long ago?
We plan a visit, to see face to face. To look into each others eyes
and take a taste. Will our hearts soar with this feeling of glee?
Will our fingers explore greedily? Will our lips meet, bringing peace
to our weary hearts? Will all those years of sadness fade like we
were never apart? Will we find…that we want to start again?
I guess we will both see when our visit ends…

I am not really sure if I got all of the goals of this assignment all right, but, I went with the feeling.

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