Gentle Giants of Biege

I used to own elegant giants. The boy came first. He was my favorite. The large Mastiff dogs, Brutus and Buckeye, were a dream of my ex husbands. I was not really ever a dog person. I didn’t dislike them, I just never really desired them much.

However, I found these huge dogs to be ever-so sweet…though a little on the slobbery side. Brutus, the boy dog, was so gentle and listened well, most of the time. Buckeye, the girl dog, was a lot more unruly, listened much less. Overall though, they were good dogs who gave me some fun memories.

The handsome couple is still alive and well, and on occasion, I see them briefly. I miss their personalities and expressions that were as huge as them. These big beige giants were easy to love, but certainly required a lot of space and care.

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To for this week’s pet Saturday, I remember these sloppy gentle beasts. I hope you are both living your doggie dreams:)




14 thoughts on “Gentle Giants of Biege

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