Indigo Pony in the Snow

We have not got any snow so far this year. Originally, I am from Michigan/Ohio, so I kind of miss the snow this time of year. I don’t miss it enough to move back mind you, but an occasional flurry would be nice. That does not happen often in Georgia though.

Last year it happened once and lasted about two days. I had a blast.

The night before the snow, there was freezing rain coming so I went to the barn to put my horse, Daisy, in her stall. She has a wonderful indigo winter coat, which I like to call her purple pony coat, but it is not really all that waterproof. So, for her comfort, I set her up all nice and cozy in her stall.

The next morning, I had to go check on her of course. Thank God I am from the North originally and know how to drive on ice and in snow. The roads were a mess since the rain coated the roads in a layer of ice and then there some nice snow on top of that. It took me over 20 minutes to go about 8 miles and I saw four cars in the ditch along the way. I am not going to lie, it was some pretty tough conditions, particularly for those who are not used to it. But I made it:)

The long slow drive was worth it though. When I got to the barn, it was like a winter wonderland. There was snow everywhere. The horses, who were tired of being cooped up in their stalls, were happy to see the snow. They added some color to the wonderland with their winter pony coats.

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As I was standing there watching the pasture, I realized there were some deer moving, and there were a lot of them. It seemed like 30-40 deer were running through the wooded part of the pasture. I had never seen that many at one time, so it was pretty cool. I even got a video of them running. I am just not sure how to add that to this post.

Either way, I thought, this week, I am paying tribute to the beauty of winter and my horse who wears a purple (indigo) pony coat.






16 thoughts on “Indigo Pony in the Snow

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  3. Lovely shots.Are you getting any of the big storm hitting the east coast? I lived in the mountains of Western North Carolina where we got a pretty good dumping of snow every year. Your shots remind me of looking out the window the morning after a good storm with about 8 inches of new fallen snow and watching the foal next door romping in the snow with his mom looking on.
    Now I live near Seattle where I pray it doesn’t snow when I have to go out. Luckily we only get it every couple of years. Love to look at it, hate to drive in it.
    By the way….I’m Michelle too.

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