Not an Easy Path


As I get older, I realize life is not supposed to be easy. Our paths are meant to be rocky. We are meant to have struggles, troubles and issues. Without those lows, our highs would not mean as much to us. The good days would just be another day, nothing special to remember.

Not that I celebrate some of the things I have endured in my life. Certainly, I think I would have been just fine had I missed some of those gut-wrenching times, but those hard times have shown me my strength. They have given me the confidence in myself that I can make it and the faith that the pain will end. They have also shown my friends and family that I can be relied on and trusted.

When I was growing up, my mom was always telling my sisters and I that we had to be “survivors.” She said it often enough that it is now a joke between us. We used to dance around my mom singing, “We are survivors!” She would always laugh and say we were being silly. (Well, that was a true statement and one that could have been stated often.)

All the best stories of people seem to involve them overcoming challenges in life. So clearly, the easy life is not nearly as interesting. Yet, most of us desire it. I would love to have the chance to live the life of ease, a smooth path. It would be the only true way to honestly compare the two options. However, I don’t believe that is way things are supposed to be.

I personally learn from my mistakes, challenges and pain. I have learned what not to do, who not to trust or where not to go. Granted, it may have taken me years or several attempts to finally comprehend some of these lessons, but nonetheless, I learned. Those rocks on my path have given me strength, character and stories. They have made me who I am. So, I can either embrace my journey or be negative and bitter about my past. I have no time for bitter. Life is too short. And frankly, my mom was always fond of rocks. And when I take a closer look at them…they do seem to have a beauty to them.


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