Living Large Macro Style

I have been considering buying a macro lens for my DSLR camera. But, like all big purchases, I tend to wait and research before taking action. My first step of the decision was to buy a simple $2.99 app for my iPhone5. The Camera+ app, which was recommended by Lens and Pens by Sally months ago, has a nice macro function. So, I thought I would give it a try finally.

Last weekend, I was playing with my phone and taking pictures in my yard for last week’s Nature theme. While doing this, my dad pointed out a little snail hanging out on the Christmas tree stand sitting on my deck. Of course, I had to start a camera phone photo shoot! I fumbled through the application’s features and took a number of photographs. I even found a colorful mushroom and relocated the snail there. It took some time for the snail to appreciate its geographical change, but eventually it came out of its shell and started to show itself again. Frankly, I was pretty surprised that it went about its business as I was all up in its space with my phone, lol.

I was thrilled with the results though. For a camera phone and a macro application, I am impressed with the picture quality. Step one of macro research was indeed a success. I would definitely have fun with an actual macro lens on my DSLR camera.

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10 thoughts on “Living Large Macro Style

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  2. What a glorious set of photos, Nato! I was telling Sally I was given an Olloclip for my iPhone 5s for Christmas, which has two macro lenses. I can’t wait to give them a try, but this app is now on my horizon for sure!!

    And thanks for your service!


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    • Thanks Janet! I will have to check out that Olloclip. I have not heard of it yet. I do love the app so far. For $2.99 it a steal, and the snail sure did not seem to mind:)


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  4. Nato, you certainly found the right subjects: nature’s wonders. The combination of colorful mushroom and snail worked well with your macro setting on Camera+. I’m pleased that you are trying the app. It is really one of the best. Happy Photo Challenge.

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  5. Great shots, especially considering the equipment used. I’m starting to think that between the quality of camera phones, apps like this, mirrorless camera’s, and whatever’s next, the DSLR has maybe another ten years before it becomes obsolete. It will be interesting to see.
    BTW a good Macro lens = hours and hours of fun.

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    • Thanks Norm. It was fun and I think a DSLR macro may be in my future! I would hate to imagine shooting an event with mr camera phone, lol. It just seems wrong! So hopefully DSLRs don’t totally go away. Cheaper would be nice though!

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