Finding Love, Peace

He seeps into my soul like air,
Becoming necessary for life.
His touch washes away my cares,
Erasing the stress and strife.

The bond that we have grows,
Increasing every moment we spend.
His gentleness supports my lows,
Making me strong again.

Where was I before he found me?
Feeling sad and on my own.
With him at my side, I feel free,
Venturing safely into the unknown.

I wish that I’d known him before
Aging broke down my soul.
But isn’t finding more,
Realizing the ultimate goal?

My past would have been altered
Having him at my side.
The joy of being heard
Ending all the tears that I cried.

I would not have felt alone.
Living a life in the right.
But by grace I can atone
Following Him into the light.

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