Olive. One Word Photo Challenge.


I have to admit, I love Oprah. I find it so impressive that she has created an empire from positive thinking, spirituality and goodness. I don’t get the Oprah channel on my cable package and that kind of bums me out. In lieu of that though, I do poke around on her website though to read articles and see clips of her current shows.

I find that she has several things that inspire me: quotes, guests, shows, etc. Clearly, she inspires people across the world as well since my Starbucks’ coffee was branded with a quote from her. And as the new year approaches, I find that this quote is perfect for my goals of appreciating life and constant self-improvement.

I want to be present in every moment so I can see the little nuisances that make life special. Like those little smiles in the eyes of people. The bird chirping on the tree I pass. The gentle breeze in my hair. The quote on my coffee cup.

I can never return to my youth or change my past. Things happened and it is all a part of me, good or bad. I can’t control that. But, what I can control is how I react to my past. I refuse to be bitter, negative or dwell. I have no time for that. And frankly, I am not sure why others do. We have a limited amount of time on the magnificent planet, and I feel like I need to appreciate it, share it and do my part to make it better. One thing I can do to make it better is to be kind…even to those I would secretly love to slap. I can live my life full and with passion. I can work on being a better person: more loving, kinder, healthier, generous, and simply, a better example of a Christian. I know it won’t be easy. Good things never are. But what is the alternative? Becoming a bitter, old, unhealthy, cranky old woman? No thanks.

I will live my life, really live it. I will be passionate. I will be inspiring to others. I will keep reaching. My life is BIG after all…Oprah said so.


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