Just Me and My Shadow

A couple of weeks ago, I was horseback riding. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and my horse, Daisy, and I were just walking through the field. It is moments like these where I really just stop and notice life around me. On this particular ride, I noticed our shadow. It kind of made me giggle as we looked so big, regal and impressive. I would love to tell you that we are all of that. It would be wonderful to say we are glamorous and decked out in fancy riding attire and saddlery. That we elegantly glide in perfect cantors and effortlessly bounce over jumps. But, that was the horse life in my dreams when I was a little girl.

In reality, we are just kind of slow and frumpy. We walk, sometimes in circles when Daisy decides not to listen and I have to enforce I am in charge for our safety.  We are not impressive nor elegant. I wear clothes that are in the ok-to-ruin brand. Therefore, I don’t think anyone would ever mistake us for regal. However, this is perfectly fine with me. Daisy is my first horse and is tolerating my learning curve. My lessons in riding include a handful of at-the-barn friend’s helping me and some trail rides in my youth. So, I think we are doing quite well together considering and I wouldn’t have it any other way.




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