Christmas Lights by Phone

Lights in Town Earlier this month, I was leaving a symphony production and was drawn to the Christmas lights on a tree downtown. I loved the way the lights were reflecting off the tree. To me, the combination of the lights and the bark of the tree were just so elegant. I wound up posting a few of those pictures, along with some others, for a photo challenge on lights. (Click here to check it out on my photography blog.) So today, when I realized I forgot to do my submission for Sally’s phonegraphy challenge, I thought I may as well use this photo since I really liked it:)

I don’t normally think of black and white photography and Christmas together. To me, Christmas photos are full of color. But this year, I am discovering there is more and more beauty in black and white than I thought before. Perhaps that is inline with my goal of finding the beauty in all things, both big and small?

iphone challenge

4 thoughts on “Christmas Lights by Phone

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