Little Wonders at our Feet

The other day at work, I took a walk at lunch. Walking at lunch is not necessarily a newsworthy event as it typically involves me speed walking to some music. (Unless you count my great restraint of not dancing or singing while doing it.) But, this particular day, I walked around outside. It was a slower walk and I was just really enjoying the breeze. I was also really aware of things around me. I just felt very connected to the moment. I looked around and noticed all these little wonders: the one dandelion in all the dead grass, the bird on the branch and most of all, the sea of acorns (or what I think are acorns since they are all a bit different). I was thinking that these little wonders would look lovely in a clear jar. How had I missed this chance at Thanksgiving? There were thousands of them laying around the trees and on the sidewalk.

Of course, I had to photograph some. So, here I was practically laying on the ground in the little section next to a parking lot. I got a few looks. All I had was my iPhone so I was kneeling down and placing the phone on the ground at different angles. I am so glad I did! These little wonders were perfect for this week’s non-DLSR Macro challenge for Lens and Pens by Sally’s  blog. More importantly though, they made me smile and thank God for the beauty He created.

To join the non-DLSR/iPhoneography challenge, click on the logo below. There is still time for your entry today!

iphone challenge

11 thoughts on “Little Wonders at our Feet

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    • I have an iPhone 5 right now. I am actually surprised at the quality of pictures it can take! It makes an nice back up for life-on-the-go as I don’t seem to carry my “real camera” around every day.

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  2. What an incredible amount of acorns, all perfectly captured by your shots! I’ve been in the same positions as you–on my knees, almost lying down, off the path, etc.–all in search of the perfect shot. It’s worth it!


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  3. Your efforts were worth it. The close up shows the character and beauty of the acorn. The long shot shows that nature keeps trying to spread her seed, hoping that some will survive. Nicely spied and captured. Happy Photo Challenge.


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