Remembering Rainbows and Dreams

Back in 2001-2002, I lived in Hawaii. It was nonstop beauty everywhere and you wouldn’t think that it could be more beautiful…and then would come a rainbow. To me, rainbows represent promises and hope in a brighter future.

This particular rainbow was outside my house in Hawaii. I don’t remember the exact day or what exactly was going on when I saw it, but I remember sadness. I was in a dying marriage and couldn’t figure out what to do to save it. It was weighing on my soul a lot. I was like any other little girl growing up who dreamed of a fairytale love and marriage. Unfortunately, my fairytale was crumbling through the stress of life and both of our mistakes. So here I was in the land of paradise with a heavy heart.

And then, comes a rainbow. I remember taking photographs of this and thinking, “Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe my marriage can be saved.”

Alas, the marriage was not saved, and we drug it out for nearly a decade more since we were both too stubborn to cut the cord and were trying at various times. There are a lot of what ifs on had we fixed it, had we ended it sooner…. What ifs are really a waste of time though as you can’t change the past. All you ever have is the present. So yesterday does not matter. It is what you do with your todays that will shape your future.

So as I ran across this rainbow picture for Sunday Stills’ Rainbow Connection Challenge, I remember my past. I recall that nothing will get better if I don’t actively work on it. It is up to me to put the past aside, pull what lessons I can from it and make my todays and tomorrows better. My future is what I make it, and the rainbows of my past tell me my future is full of hope. It is just up to me to find the pot of gold of happiness.

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