Out and About in my Life

What do you see on your daily journeys? That was the question from Thinking Through My Lens’ blog. My first response to that was randomness. I see different things each and every day. Some days are more adventurous than others but there just seems to be such a variety. I crave variety so much that I think it heals me.

There are a few reasons I crave variety. One, I feel like I lost so many years of my life. I spent a number of years in an unhappy marriage. During that time, I didn’t look around to embrace all the beauty that was before me. It was there I am sure, I just didn’t see it. Two, I spent a few years away due to deployments. Soldiers like to think that the world stops while we are gone. Like time freezes and waits for our return. But, sadly it can’t. My kids grew, pets died, and love wilted. I couldn’t stop any of these things. I just missed those events and had to deal with them from thousands of miles away. Three, while deployed, I realized life was short and how lucky I was. I had mortars go off around me and never knew if there would be a moment I would just be in the wrong place. There were other Soldiers who never made it home. I saw the vast difference in other cultures, which made America look like the world of endless dreams and money.

Looking at all of that, I now realize, this has made me even more passionate about life. I want to make up for the lost time. I want to feel things I overlooked or didn’t appreciate before. I want to grow, learn and improve. I want to honor those who never came home. And deep down I know, that when I stay busy, I suppress the sadness that hides in my soul. Activity and conscious appreciation for life are my weapons against that darkness.

As of late, I have had a wide variety of fun in my life. It ranges from yoga to painting to zip lining. With each day, I hope to live in the moment. Sometimes those moments are quiet and relaxing and other times they are loud and exhilarating. Either way, it’s all my life, and here is a peek:


What does your life look like while you are out and about?

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